Monday, August 24, 2009

Special Merdeka Giveaway!

Little Mama's Diary is having a giveaway.
And, the grand prize is this gorgeous brand new….. Helen Keller Lady Laptop Tote
from . It's RM119, best tak???
Apa tunggu lagik! Cepat2!
The luckiest will win since Little Mama akan cabut undi!
All you have to do is:

-Tell Little Mama what you think of her blog content by leaving a comment at

-Blog about this contest (with a link back to Little Mama's Diary).

That’s all. Senang jer!

Terms and Conditions (copy paste jer drp Little Mama)
Contest starts from today, 17th to 31st August 2009.
Contest opens to Malaysian only (tak kira la duduk kat Malaysia ke, Jepun ke, Kutub Utara ke, Afrika ke… janji rakyat Malaysia)
Winner(s) will be selected by a Lucky Draw.
Confirmed prize is the Laptop Bag but I would consider adding more prizes later on...


<< s| tED| >> said...

contest ek?

DaliaLiyana said...

nnt kite same2 kibarkan jalur gemilang k....jooommm...

Along25 said...

Ted : ye agaknyer... along try and error hahahhah

DaliaLiyana : Jom2! mari2! kita semarakkan semangat jalur gemilang!!

Teman Along


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